Delta (Ranks) Litter


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Our "Delta" litter whelped 26/12/2013

9 babies (1 sleeping)

Our litter to parents as shown below have arrived.
They are very strong, typey, puppies and we are extremely happy with what we see so far.
They have all been vet checked on day two after birth, confirming they are all very healthy.  



 Cro Ch. & Serb Ch. YUMBO Von der Alten Festung ZtP, BH, IPO1

DOB 27/03/2009
HD: Free (A)  ED: Free (0)
Eyes: RO - EYE14/43M-PI
OFA Dentition: Full dentition RO-DE279/43M-VPI
Heart: RO-CA5564/43M/C-VPI
Height 66cm
AKC DNA# V676435

YUMBO has tested negative to the long coat gene. 


Paratus Beersheba




S: Ch. YUMBO Von der Alten Festung

HD: Free (A) ED: Free (0)

S: Astor Von Junipera

HD: Free (A) ED: Free (0)

S: Waro von Hause Sommer S: Balou vom Silberblick    
D: Abby von Hause Sommer
D: Volga od Dragicevica S: Odo od Dragicevica
D: Hajdi od Dragicevica

D: Bessy Wonderful Wizard

HD: Free (A) ED: Free (0)

S: Odin vom Hause Neubrand S: Amadeus vom Silberpfeil
D: Cora vom Rösselsgarten
D: Nora od Dragicevica S: Odo Vom Fleischer SCHHII (Deu)
D: Int Ch. Hera od Dragicevica (Serb)

D: Paratus Beersheba

HD: 3:2 ED: 0:0

S: Von Zennith Adolf

HD: 5:2 ED: 2:2

S: Von Zennith Callan S: Vom Hause Zillas Arkon (Imp Den)
D: Simmy Von Baecherhaus (Serb)
D: Nora od Dragicevica (Imp Serb) S: Odo Vom Fleischer SCHHII (Deu)
D:  Int Ch. Hera od Dragicevica (Serb)

D: NRC(A) Ch. & Ch. Hustons Majestic Lady ET (Imp NZL)

HD: 5:5 ED: 0:0

S: NZ Ch. Sahne Bruin Up A Storm (NZL) S: NZ GRD Ch. & Ch. Wanderer Of Kauriland (Imp NZ)
D:Sahne Pretzel V Bronx (NZL) 
D: Hustons Summer Breeze (NZL) S: NZ Ch. Bielkenhof Gremlin (NZL)
D: Blakkenbraun's First Lady (NZL)